The 2018 Michigan Cup

      1. The rules and/or regulations set forth herein are designed to provide for the orderly conduct of racing events and to establish minimum acceptable requirements for such events. These rules shall govern the condition of all events, and, by participating in these events, all participants are deemed to have complied with these rules. NO EXPRESS OR IMPLIED WARRANTY OF SAFETY SHALL RESULT FROM PUBLICATIONS OF OR COMPLIANCE WITH THESE RULES AND/OR REGULATIONS. They are intended as a guide for the conduct of the sport and are in no way a guarantee against injury to or death of a participant, spectator, or official.

        The race director or his representatives shall be empowered to permit minor deviation from any of the specifications herein or impose any further restrictions that in his opinion do not alter the minimum acceptable requirements. NO EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED WARRANTY OF SAFETY SHALL RESULT FROM SUCH ALTERATION OF SPECIFICATIONS. Any interpretation of or deviation from these rules is left to the discretion of the officials.


    2. Conditions
      1. No alcoholic beverages or controlled substances are to be consumed before or during races by anyone entering the restricted pit area.
      2. All drivers must be at least 14 years of age with a valid driver’s license, ID, or birth certificate and have a minor participant form notarized and signed by a parent or legal guardian.
      3. Springport Mid-Michigan Speedway officials reserve the right to reject or not allow the entry of any person, driver, or car into the restricted pit area.
      4. Fighting in the pits or on the racetrack premises at any time is prohibited and may be subject to suspension, loss of points or money for the said event, or exclusion.
      5. Abuse of any Springport Mid-Michigan Speedway official and/or use of improper language or gestures at any time is prohibited and subject to suspension, loss of points and money for the said event, or exclusion of event(s).
      6. Rule changes or interpretation of rules is at the discretion of track officials.
      7. The decision of track officials is final.
      8. Springport Mid-Michigan Speedway reserve the right to deduct from your prize money any fees owed to the track for any safety systems, pit stalls, track rentals, tires, race fuel, etc. Suspensions will be strictly enforced for fighting or any other acts the management of Springport Mid-Michigan Speedway deem inappropriate.
    3. Driver/Crew Member Conduct
      1. The driver assumes responsibility for the actions of his or her pit crew. Drivers may be issued penalties for pit crew misconduct. Such penalties, if applied may extend to the car as well as the driver.
      2. Un-sportsmanlike driving, rough driving, or unnecessary bumping is prohibited and may result in removal from a race. Flagrant and/or repeated un-sportsmanlike conduct on the track or in the pits may result in suspension. This suspension may span the winter hiatus and be completed in the following season.
      3. Un-sportsmanlike, violent, or abusive behavior toward officials, competitors, and/or fans is prohibited and may result in penalties.
      4. General misconduct in the pit area may result in penalties, suspensions, fines, or the matters may be turned over to the proper authorities for legal action.
    4. Qualifying
      1. No driver is allowed to qualify two cars in one division without prior approval from the race director. No car may be qualified by more than one person. All competitors will qualify with their class. A qualified car may only race in the race the car qualified for. A driver may not compete with an unqualified car in any race.
      2. Timed Qualifying
        1. Qualifying will be two laps with the fastest lap being used as a drivers qualifying time. Any cars unable to qualify due to equipment or arrive after their class has already qualified will be given ONE LAP at the end of qualifying. Qualifying times are used to line up cars using a full inversion where the slowest car in a race starts on the pole and fastest starts on the tail.
        2. Any tie in qualifying will be broken by the driver who qualified first.
        3. Sandbagging or Breaking Out
          1. After qualifying a quarter second is given to you to account for changing track conditions throughout the evening. This is called your breakout time. If any two laps during a race are recorded faster than your breakout time, by our officials, you will be penalized.
            1. Feature Penalties
              1. Your race is over. You will receive tow money for the evening.
            2. Heat Race Penalties:
              1. Your race is over. You will be placed at the back of the field in your feature, lined up behind all cars regardless if they elected the tail. You MAY be placed in a different feature based on the judgement of the race director.
        4. Scratching your time is NOT allowed.
    5. SAFETY
      1. It is highly recommended that you have a Snell 2005 or higher rated helmet & all safety equipment being SFI/1 approved and that drivers wear a minimum of a double-layer suit of fire resistant material OR single-layer suits with full coverage fire resistant underwear that effectively covers the body from the neck to ankles and wrist. Full coverage fire resistant gloves are mandatory. Any medical information tags should be attached to your helmet.
      2. All cars will be equipped with a minimum 5-point seat belt harness, with 3″ wide belts. All belts should be properly mounted and should be no older than 3 years.
      3. A taunt driver’s side window net with quick release is required.
      4. It is recommended that all drivers use a Head and Neck Restraint System.
      5. Driver must be able to enter / exit both doors through window openings.
      6. Rear windows must be completely see-through (no decals or lettering).
      7. An approved headrest will be located directly behind the drivers head with the driver normally seated.
      8. All roll bars near driver must be well padded.
      9. All safety equipment must be less than three years old.
      10. Safety shoes (fire resistant racing shoes) strongly recommended.
      11. All foot boxes and firewalls (if applicable) must be steel, recommended 22-gauge minimum.
      12. All cars will have jack stands in use, when anyone is working under a car.
    6. Communication
      1. No two way communication equipment or one way communication to the driver is allowed at any time, except hot laps.
      2. All drivers are required to have a one way communication device, Raceciever or equivalent brand, that allows track officials to communicate instructions to the driver. Failure to have one may result in penalties up to and including disqualification from an event and loss of points for an event.
    7. Race Procedures
      1. All cars are required to be in line by the time two races prior to their race is complete. Failure to be ready will result in the offending driver being placed at the tail of the race or disqualified.
      2. The start of all races will be double file. The car on the inside of the front row is the control car and sets the pace. The control car must maintain a steady pace at all times. Failure to maintain a steady pace may result in the control car being placed at the tail if the head starter or race director consider the control car did something to gain an unfair advantage on the start, such as breaking hard or taking off to early.
      3. All restarts after the first completed lap will be single file unless otherwise noted prior to the race.
      4. There is a line in the middle of turn three and four, the head starter will throw the green at any point after that and the exit of turn 4. No car may pass until the green flag is thrown. Any car that passes prior to the green will be docked 2 positions for each car passed at the next caution or the end of the race.
      5. Once the white flag is displayed, under caution, all cars are required to be within one car length of the car in front of them any car laying back more than two car lengths can be passed for position without penalty.
      6. Video review is not used at any time for calls made on the track but may be used by any driver protesting their finishing position. In the event of a close finish we will use all available methods to verify the winner.
      7. The car deemed at fault, by our officials, for any caution will be placed at the tail in front of any lapped down cars. Protesting any call on the track will result in immediate disqualification. If it can not be quickly identified who was at fault then any car ruled to have been involved, with the initial reason for the caution, will be placed at the tail.
      8. It is highly recommended that if you know you are at fault to tap out by placing your hand out the window and tapping your roof on the front stretch, making it clear to both the head starter and race director of your intentions. If you are unable to do so you may also stop and notify an official.
      9. All cars not on the lead lap will be placed at the tail of any restart in the order in which they were running. We do not give out lucky dogs or give laps back.
      10. The race will be considered over once all laps are complete. A completed lap is counted once half or more of the field crosses the line. Lineups will be based on the running order after the last COMPLETED lap in the event of a caution. If a caution is displayed after the leader has taken the checker flag the race will be considered complete and all cars that have crossed the line will be scored and the remainder of the field will be based off the last completed lap except for the car deemed to have caused the caution, who will be placed as the last car on the same lap.
      11. Drivers are allowed to exit their vehicle during any red flag and fix any damage. Drivers may not use any tools given to them or they have with them, this includes air pressure gauges. In some cases we will allow ONE crew member to go to the driver to bring them water. Nobody is allowed on the track without permission.
      12. Any intentional contact or attempted contact with a car during a caution or after the checker flag can lead to being placed to the tail and/or disqualification and/or loss of points and/or loss of payout for that event.
      13. Springport Mid-Michigan Speedway officials reserve the right to request a doctor’s release at any time, for the driver to participate at Springport Mid-Michigan Speedway.
      14. Any driver who has a flat tire, enters the pits under it’s own power and the race is currently under caution will receive 3 laps from the time they get to their pit spot to change the tire.
    8. General
      1. Tire treatment or altering of any kind is not allowed on the property at Springport Mid-Michigan Speedway. Any use of tire treatment is prohibited.
      2. No mirrors or reflective surfaces are allowed inside or outside the car that may show a driver whats behind their car.
      3. Lead ballast will be painted white with the car number on each piece. No cement, Mercury, or liquid style weight is allowed. All weight will be securely bolted to the car.
      4. One drive shaft hoop on forward half of shaft.
      5. Drive shaft must be painted either silver or white.
      6. All cars must be equipped with a working starter.
      7. No clip-on wheel weights on outside of wheel. Stick-on weights, if used on outside, must be glued and taped down.
      8. Mufflers are mandatory, with no cars checking over 100 decibels.
      9. No anti-freeze in radiators. Environmentally friendly coolant or lubricant, such as Water Wetter is allowed.