Michigan Cup Rules

We will be running our weekly ABC Stock Division rules for this event.

    1. If you are using the Late Model Alliance rules or body rules from the Late Model Alliance you will race in the class using those rules.
    2. Please look at our rules for the ABC Stock class, if you would be legal in that class you are legal if your track is not listed.  Our rules are set up to allow cars from other tracks to visit.
    3. Any Other Division at any track where you are required to run a Stock Appearing or ABC template body.  See our rules for ABC template body rules.
    4. The following tracks rules and divisions will be accepted as an example.  If your track, series or class is not listed, please contact us via Facebook or phone and we will look at the rules and add it if needed.
      1. Galesburg Speedway
        1. Street Stock
        2. Sportsman
      2. Kalamazoo Speedway
        1. Pro Stock
        2. Super Stock
      3. Spartan Speedway
        1. Spartan Stock
        2. A.B.C Classes (cars running Outlaw Bodies will be placed the Outlaw Super Late Model Division) – All others must follow our rules regarding weight.
      4. South Bend Motor Speedway
        1. Street Stock
        2. Sportsman
      5. Berlin Raceway
        1. Super Stock
        2. Sportsman
      6. M-40 Speedway
        1. Sportsman
        2. Street Stocks
      7. New Paris Speedway
        1. Hobby Stock
        2. Late Model Sportsman
      8. Owosso Speedway
        1. Pure Stock
        2. Sportsman
      9. Toledo & Flatrock Speedway’s
        1. Street Stock
        2. Enduro/Factory Stock
        3. Late Model Sportsman
      10. Angola
        1. Late Model Sportsman
        2. Street Stocks
    5. Tires and Wheels
      2. Hoosier D800, 800, 790 or 970, NO SLICKS.
      3. 8″ Steel Rims
  2. SAFETY REQUIREMENTS -Safety requirements will be subject to tech inspection and approval, we encourage you to think and build safety.
      1. Automotive racing helmet.
      2. One piece or two piece complete fire suit (head to toe).
      3. Gloves are required while on the track surface at all times.
      4. 5 point racing harness is required, and must be mounted in a safe and proper manner.
      5. Driver side window net, must be mounted in a safe and proper manner.
      6. Neck collar must be worn on track surface at all times.
        1. H.A.N.S™ type device optional but highly recommended.
      7. Raceceiver™ or equivalent brand one way radio receiver.
        1. Frequency is subject to change, will default to frequency 454.0000
      1. Fire proof gloves made for racing.
      2. Fire proof head and face cover.
      3. Racing shoes/fire proof socks.
      4. High quality rated and fitted racing helmet.
      5. Minimum double or triple layer fire suit.
      6. Full racing seat with head, shoulder, arm and leg restraints.
    1. Raceceiver™ or equivalent brand one way radio receiver is required.
      1. Frequency is subject to change, will default to frequency 454.0000
    2. Any type of communication device other than a product that allows one way radio transmission from track officials is not allowed.
      1. This includes all cell phones, radios and any other type of communication to a driver.
    3. No pit board communication allowed.
    4. No mirrors or reflective surfaces that allow driver to see behind them.
    1. All competitors will qualify with their class.
    2. Any driver unable to qualify with their class, for any reason, will be given ONE LAP at the end of qualifying.
    3. A qualified car may only race in the race the car qualified for.
    4. After qualifying a VERY GENEROUS quarter second is given to each car, to account for changing track conditions throughout the evening, this will be the cars break out time.
    5. If any two laps during a race are recorded faster than the cars breakout time by our officials, you will be penalized.
      1. BLACK FLAG your race is over exit the racing surface.
      2. You will be placed at the back of the field in your feature, lined up behind all cars regardless if they elected the tail. Your time will be adjusted and you will be timed off that new break out time; if not in the A feature. In some circumstances you MAY be moved up a feature based off the judgement of the official scorer and your new break out time.
      3. Multiple breakout cars will be lined up by the amount of time they went over with the biggest offender placed last.
      1. T.B.A