Springport Mid-Michigan Speedway Web Site Launch

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Springport Mid-Michigan Speedway Web Site Launch

Welcome to our new website for Springport Mid-Michigan Speedway!  Over the next few months we will be adding more information along with items that both fans and drivers will find interesting.  First we want to acknowledge the big pink elephant in the room juggling a set of Hoosiers.  Yes, the name of the track has been modified.  Why did we change the name?  It was not to upset drivers, fans or past promoters of the track.  We feel with every inch of our body that the track has a great reputation and we plan to keep it!  The slight modification to the name was made because we want to market the track nationally as much as locally.  Some tracks are able to use the name of their location and you instantly know where that track is.  Tracks like Kalamazoo Speedway, Galesburg Speedway, Berlin Raceway and several others have over a half century of marketing and branding that have accomplished this.  When you ask the casual race fan out side of a 100 mile radius if they have ever been to Springport Motor Speedway they can’t even tell you where it is on a map.  Most won’t even point to Michigan as the state it’s in.  By adding the term Mid-Michigan to the logo and website it allows these fans to associate the track with a place on the map.  Internally as well as locally we will continue to call the track Springport Speedway and do not expect or even ask anyone to change how they reference the track.  We welcome everyone to SPRINGPORT’S MID-MICHIGAN SPEEDWAY.

Our first event will be the 2016 Michigan Cup and will be promoted by Donnie Ritter who is currently the General Manager at Galesburg Speedway.  Donnie has 4 years of promoting experience and along with his team successfully transformed a track many had thought was dead, into a track that sells out the grandstands and has over 100 cars in the pits almost every night.  Donnie had been in contact with the previous owners in regards to leasing the track to run this event prior to the sale.  After purchasing the track the decision was made to have him promote and manage the event.  We are confident that Donnie will do a great job representing our track.

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  • Barb Eglon

    Welcome to the neighborhood…we are just around the corner to the north. Miss the sounds of the track in the neighborhood on Saturdays. We are a racing family and look forward to many years of coming back to the track

    August 19, 2016 at 9:19 pm
  • Ed everidge

    Glad to see the track open again ,its hoing to be alot of fun racing there again .last years cup was my first race .cant wait to get back out there

    August 30, 2016 at 3:12 pm

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